Carrot Sticks Week 2


I began the lesson as I did last week, by introducing myself, Rileigh Johnson and Leah Gecheo to the students. A lot of the students remembered us from last week so, they were excited to see us again. Some of the students were also excited that Rileigh and I remembered them as well. I told the class that we were going to continue our talk about Asia. This week our Asian focus was on India.

On each table where the children were sitting, was a blank map of Asia and each student had a blank coloring page of a peacock. As a class, we went over the difference between India’s food guide pyramid and our MyPlate. We went over types of foods and spices like curry. We asked the children if any of them tried mangoes before. We talked about how mangoes grow in India and how Indians use mangoes in many of their common dishes.  Children raised their hands to share stories about when and what they tried that had mangoes in them. A common answer I noticed was McDonald’s smoothies with mango and pineapple. The children said they never actually saw a mango so, we passed one around for them to have a sensory evaluation of the fruit we were discussing. We talked about the importance of vitamins like vitamin A, C, and D. We asked them to name some examples of the different vitamins in mangoes and what these vitamins do to help your body. The children knew more about vitamin D than any other vitamin we talked about. They remembered some things about vitamin A because we briefly talk about that last week.


We initially planned on having the students make origami and color peacocks, India’s national bird. But, experienced that the origami was too difficult for the first group of students so, we just had the second and third groups color the peacocks. They then turned these peacocks into crowns and most of the students left the class wearing them as “Indian Princesses” and “Indian Kings”.


Our snack this week was mango lassi. The children were excited to try the mango smoothie but, a lot of the children weren’t huge fans of the mango desert. The smoothie consisted of mangoes, honey, vanilla yogurt, and 1% milk. The main complaint we heard is that the children didn’t like the honey. They liked the mango when we gave out sample slices of it though.

Overall, I think it was a success except for the snack idea. I think next I would do this lesson, I would choose a different snack idea that included mangoes.



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