WVU Davis College Recruitment

The interns and I were approached last week with the idea of helping Davis College recruitment. I thought this would be a really cool idea because anything I can do to help advertise and boost enrollment into Davis College, I want to be a part of. So, we were told to start brain-storming about ideas for three different marketing tools; a postcard, a tri-fold, and a slide show to be shown on the Davis College Human Nutrition & Foods homepage.  As we were throwing ideas around we came up with a number of concepts to take to our meeting with recruitment and public relations.

Our Ideas:

Community: test kitchen visual with a teacher present instructing an adult class on culinary skills and promoting cooking confidence.

Community: visual with children and teaching them how to cook and prepare meals. This idea stemmed from preventing childhood obesity and again, increasing culinary confidence at a young age.

Community: visual with an RD having a group class on diabetes with the elderly. This idea stemmed from the community goals of helping one another combat diabetes and also recognizing a sense of togetherness.

Clinical: this visual depicted an RD giving nutrition therapy to a patient or client in the hospital setting. This stressed the importance of how RDs work in critical work settings.

Pediatrics: a visual of a young mother feeding her infant. Our focus here was towards a WIC or Head Start nutrition intervention approach.

Sports: this visual was of an RD on a soccer field informing a student-athlete about the nutrition facts labels on a bottle of Gatorade. This was the visual that we decided would make it to the post card idea. This picture targeted the high school population more effectively. Students at that level can relate to sports and nutrition easier.


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