Women On Wellness

The Women On Wellness fair was held on Saturday June 21st. The “WOW” was located at Heston Farm, Fairmont, WV. I arrived at the fair to register our table and set up at 7am. The goal of the fair was essentially to empower girls and women to take charge of their health and providing ways to improve their lives. Participants started arriving at 7:30am. Our goal, as a vendor, was to have helpful information available and to interact with the women at the fair. We answered questions, played an interactive game, and offered lots of handouts to women there.

This fair was really beneficial not only as an intern, to interact with the community but, to promote the Nutrition department as a whole, to the public. Everyone was asking who we were with and paid very close attention to our name tags. I felt as though people were interested in the major, department, and things we were involved with, as a whole.

The day started with registration for participants and the women walked around and gathered information from the different vendors and information tables. They were given bingo cards for the event. Each time a participant came by for information on our table or to play our game, they received a sticker for their bingo card. This generated a lot of traffic near our table for the first 2 hours, especially. After breakfast, registration, and the opening speeches on the fair, the women had sessions of physical activities like yoga, zumba, massages, and holistic healing. Our purpose, as interns, was to provide informative education like handouts and tape measures, which were easy accessible ways to monitor your health.

We had handouts of: Waist/Hip ratio measurements for women AND men, tape measures with the Davis College logo on it, how-to-read nutrition facts labels, sodium requirements/restrictions, heart healthy recipe handouts, smart substitution list, how much exercise to do to burn off certain types of food, and a fruit/veggie wheel with recipes. We also had a copy of the book “Eat This, Not That” by David Zinczenko. This book came in handy for participants to look up their favorite restaurants and see what they consisted of and how healthy or unhealthy common fast food, restaurant, and chain food manufacturers were. A lot of discussions were initiated through the book being on display at the wellness fair. This got a lot the women talking and interacting with us about current and past nutrition related issues like the Atkins Diet and the Paleo Diet.

Overall, I think we really carried ourselves “well” that Saturday. We represented the department efficiently and essentially explained what we were all about and what each intern was currently working on, educationally.


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