I am Moving I am Learning Day 1

I am Moving I am Learning (IMIL) Day 1

IMIL is a national award-winning program that originated right here in West Virginia. Originally designed for Head Start, IMIL takes a proactive approach towards addressing childhood obesity by increasing the quantity of physical activity, improving the quality of movement activities, and promoting healthy food and drink choices every day.

IMIL included strategies for obesity prevention initiative and materials from the new Choosy Kids Healthy Habit System. This creative approach to healthy habits will provide you with tools that complement current curricula and daily routines. The materials, along with the Health-Hero Choosy, helped us try and meet the goals of the Choose to Change Project.

The workshop provided us with bright green bags, along with DVDs, handouts, stickers, and a Choosy Kids bracelet.

Day 1 of our training on IMIL we started the day out with introductions and the Choose to Change Project information. Next we had a lecture about physical activity and nutrition. This PowerPoint presentation provided us with information behind the obesity epidemic statistics, early childhood health promotion initiatives, and the role of IMIL. The whole idea behind the initiative is to promote MVPA. MVPA stands for moderate, vigorous, physical activity. The program wants the leaders and educators of today to join together and encourage this physical activity, healthy nutrition, and good dental care ideas into young children in the classrooms.

The rest of the day consisted of two workshops. One workshop, “Crave My F.A.V. and Brush My Smile”, was before lunch. It consisted of nutrition practices for children and adults, identifying new strategies and activities for improving food choices in the classroom, and identifying new oral health practices for children and their families. The “F.A.V.” stood for fruits and vegetables. I thought that this was a really good idea. They had associated songs and dances that went with almost everything we learned about each day. The workshop after lunch was called “Body Language”. This addressed the motor skills of children starting from their brain all the way down to their control of balance.

I personally, didn’t know exactly what IMIL was before this workshop. So, at the beginning of the workshop, I was a little caught off guard by all of the singing and dancing. I’m not going lie, I felt a little uncomfortable at first. But by the end of the day I knew half of the songs and was dancing with Brandon and Courtney, which were the leaders of the physical activity components. It honestly, turned into a lot of fun. I felt much more comfortable by the end of Day 1, than I did by the beginning of Day 1. Seeing Brandon and Courtney act silly and not care what they looked like in front of everyone, made me relax and enjoy the experience.


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