I am Moving I am Learning Day 2

I am Moving I am Learning (IMIL) Day 2

Day 2 of our IMIL training began with Dr. Robison and Dr. Wilson from WVU Davis College speaking to the workshop about their excitement and involvement with the Choosy Kids, Choose to Change, and IMIL initiatives. This was really nice because the nutrition department is from Davis College so, it was pleasant to see familiar faces at the beginning of the day.

Our first workshop went right into “Assessing the Motor Skills of Young Children”. This workshop addressed motor skill competence. This is considered one of the most powerful underlying mechanisms influencing engagement and persistence in physical activity. This workshop really covered basics ideas that adults really don’t recognize, because we’re so used to just automatically doing them. It described the difference between maturation and development in children. Maturation is the product of growth, NOT easily modified, and predictable. Development includes maturation, easily modifiable, depends on learning experiences, and environmental circumstances. We also went over the difference product measures and process measures. A product measure is the performance outcomes like how many, how high, and how far. A process measure is the changes in techniques like what did it look like, and which body parts. Then we sang a song called the “I’m The Boss!”. The lyrics of this song went as followed:

“I’m the boss of my body,

I tell it what to do

I’m in charge like Choosy,

And here’s how I move

‘Cause I’m the boss… yeah

I’m the boss… yeah

Now chill!!”

Brandon and Courtney really made these songs and dances come alive in their own ways. This was probably one of my favorite songs of the whole training.

The second workshop was called “My Heart Says Thanks”. This workshop covered the IMIL goal of MVPA (moderate, vigorous physical activity).  We went over the definition of moderate activity, which is making your heart beat a little faster. While vigorous activity is making your heart beat really fast. We were introduced to the “Choosy Freeze” song and the “Build a Bridge” song as well. These activities that incorporated songs and dances, could really come in handy when working with children in classroom settings. They were fun, they had lyrics to them, and didn’t seem monotonous at all. Again, by the end of the training I knew most of the songs and we even learned a song in Spanish. It was honestly, a lot of fun 🙂


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