Preston County Football Team

Preston County Football Team Menu Planning and Standardization

As a part of community outreach for WVU, I have been working on standardizing a menu plan for the Preston County football team booster club. This menu plan has 12 possible recipe choices listed in it and it is ideally going to be used to feed the Preston County football team dinners before games on Friday nights. The team has 10 games in their 2012 season so; I provided 12 possible recipe choices to give the booster club some choices to choose from.

When choosing the recipes for the football team, I kept in mind quantity and nutrition. Having been a high school athlete myself, I tried to choose recipes that would fill up a growing fast metabolism of a football player, while not weighing them down and providing nutritious components as well. When looking for recipes on SNAP-Ed’s website,, I wanted to also look for recipes that were easy to make for the booster club of Preston County and would provide large amounts. I also included a grocery list in the packet as well. I included a grocery list for the original recipe, 25 servings, and 50 servings. For each recipe I provided a Recipe Cost and a Serving Cost for 3 different amounts of recipes: the original recipe, 25 servings, and 50 servings. The recipes I chose were:

  • Chicken Broccoli Alfredo
  • Chicken Ratatouille
  • White Chili
  • Party-Time Pasta
  • Arroz Con Pollo Chicken and Rice
  • Sensational Six-Layer Dinner
  • Sloppy Garden Joes
  • Stuffed Green Peppers
  • Summer Vegetable Spaghetti
  • One Pan Potatoes and Chicken
  • Caribbean Casserole
  • Enchilada Bake

I realized while developing this information packet that, not only is this a great idea for high schools to start doing but, also so much more convenient for the families and parents of these athletes. I know that when I was in high school as an athlete that my parents weren’t always off of work by the time I needed to eat dinner before games on Friday nights. So, by the booster club providing this Friday night dinner for the student-athletes, it not only provides a meal for the boys on the team, relieves the parents of the players for dinner, but most importantly provides a sense of team unity by eating together before an important football game every Friday night.



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