Graduate Student Orientation (GSO)

On Thursday August 16th, 2012, I attended New Graduate Student Orientation. Since I just started graduate classes over the summer, this seemed like a necessary meeting to attend from myself and my advisor. The orientation started with “Registration” from 8:30-9am in the Ag. Science Building room 2001. At this time, we were encouraged to get coffee, bagels, donuts, etc. that were provided by the Animal and Nutritional Sciences (ANS) Division.  As we were getting coffee and bagels, each graduate student received a packet with information on certifications we need within 30 days of classes, a really cool Davis College pen, a grad student key chain, and other information provided.

Dr. Wilson began the introduction of the orientation. He gave a short bio about himself and what exactly was expected of us in a nutshell. This was the icebreaker, in my opinion, of the orientation. Next, Dr. Dailey gave all of us his witty and sarcastic but, definitely honest, interpretation of what is expected from us as graduate students. I believe his exact words were, “As a graduate student, you will spend 21 hours a day at your desk, 3 hours sleeping, and eat lunch at your desk.” Everyone started to laugh, because honestly, that was a true statement.  Dr. Dailey spoke for about 45-55 minutes. He gave a PowerPoint presentation, which he sarcastically has some technical difficulties with. But, overall, the message I got from his presentation is that… The next 1-2 years you spend on this research, work, and dedication will pay off. But, there has to be a sacrifice and it is essentially worth it. Dr. Dailey really put into perspective about the pride and dedication you need to be a successful graduate student.

After our break, Dr. Kenney spoke about how graduate programs are really a two-way street. He explained how even though we might work really really hard for our advisor and faculty members; it’s for our benefits as well. Everything we do here as a graduate student is to further OUR education. Dr. Kenney’s presentation was really motivating. It reminded us that “EXPERT means: X= valuable in algebra and PERT= a small steady drop from a faucet”. I believe he quoted that from Dr. Mary Head. Either way, both presenters were motivating and inspiring in their own ways. Dr. Kenney, in my opinion, took the more inspiring and motivating route, while Dr. Dailey took the more sarcastic, funny, and humor route.

Then, towards the later part of the afternoon, we were introduced to the support staff of the ANS Division. That included: Gretchen Riggs, Bonnie Wood, Lindsay Triplett, and Kim Mouser.  These are the ladies that will essentially collect forms, take care of the money, and make sure all loose ends are met. These women really keep the department moving.

Overall, it was a good experience. I got to put faces to names and vice versa. I was able to interact a little bit with the graduate students and get to know why they’re here and they got to know why I’m here as well. Plus, the free pizza, key chain, and pen didn’t hurt either!! 🙂


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