Farmer’s Market… Round 2

Farmers Market: Round 2

This week I volunteered at the Morgantown Farmer’s Market again. I helped with the Farmer’s Market on the downtown campus. I’ll be spending almost every Wednesday with them for the remainder of the Fall semester. Like last week, an Undergraduate Intern and I, helped with Lee Farms. Nancy, the co-owner of Lee Farms, drives her truck from the Fairmont area every Wednesday through the less-than-perfect traffic. When she pulled up, we all helped her unload her truck and set up her stand while she parked. Last Wednesday was a hot hot Morgantown day, so I was happy in the fact that the Farmer’s Market Association gave all the volunteers free t-shirts to wear.

A new apple display to sell individual apples

As usual, Nancy gave us apples in reward of helping unload her truck. She usually gives us apples but, since Wednesday was extra hot and humid, she gave us a few extra- especially since she brought extra apples and more varieties! Honestly, it was a typical Wednesday at the Mountainlair Farmer’s Market, except for the fact that it was extra hot and there was a new vendor there this week. All of the vendors that bring their products to the Farmer’s Market are usually farmers themselves. And most of these farmers are local. This new vendor wasn’t a farmer. I didn’t quite catch his name but, I do know that all of his products were from several different farms and from different states! Plus, this gentleman had TONS of fresh produce. He had twice as much inventory with him, than Nancy Lee had at Lee Farms stand. Either way, the thing that really stuck out to me was this…. When the Farmer’s Market was over, we helped load Nancy’s truck back up with the remaining produce she had left- which wasn’t much. Then, the other volunteers and I helped load the new vendor’s truck up with what was remaining at his stand. And you know what…. Even Nancy helped load this man’s truck back up. He was technically her competition. But, that obviously doesn’t matter when it comes to local foods in the Morgantown area. Everyone is family.

Pears are a new addition to the Lee Farms stand this week



5 varieties of apples this week… More choices = More sales

A “Johnson” apple. Apparently, these rare apples aren’t even sold in grocery stores anymore!


Blueberries sold out fast last week. This time around the Lee Farm was stocked and ready!