Does Chipotle Really Care About Our Access to “Real Food”?

Chipotle Mexican Grill has created a new game application and video that they are hoping will lure consumers into eating more “real” food. Their goal is to steer consumers away from factory-made, highly processed junk food.

The company’s chief marketing officer was quoted by saying:

“We created ‘The Scarecrow’ game and film as an entertaining and engaging way to help people better understand the difference between processed food and the real thing. In many ways, ‘The Scarecrow’ represents what we aspire to accomplish through our vision of Food With Integrity.”

 The company’s latest animated short film made its way around the Internet, earning praises from advertising critics and consumers, while angering those within the agricultural industry. According to Chipotle, the film and its coordinating game are “designed to help educate people about the world of industrial food production that supplies much of what they eat.”

To the agriculture community, however, the film does nothing but further mislead consumers.

But, keep in mind that Chipotle was formerly owned and operated by the fast food powerhouse McDonald’s. The company separated from McDonald’s in 2006. Read these articles below and see how you feel about Chipotle capitalizing on the “real food” movement.

With Food Day approaching on October 24th, I think it’s coincidental that these restaurants are coming out with advertisements like these. Did I fail to mention that Food Day’s theme this year is “Eat Real”?

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